Frequently Asked Questions

CentClicks4You is an advertising hub.

You can earn money and/or advertise with CentClicks4You.

The basic earning feature of CentClicks4You is viewing ads on a daily basis. You will earn money for each ad you view.

Earn from PTC

- Login to your account with your username and password and enter the captcha letters exactly as they appear


- Go to the Ads page

Ads Page

- Click on the headline of an ad of your choice


- The ad will open in a new browser window. You need to make sure your browser and/or security software allows this!

In the new window you need to wait for the timer at the top of the page. Make sure you keep the window active and on top of your screen or otherwhise the timer will not move! Once the timer has completed you need to confirm the ad by clicking on the upside down picture.



Your Chance to win cash

You also have a chance to win money with our games.

Centclicks4you Grid game is free and you have a chance to win up to $1.

Or try our "Head or Tail" where you can win 200% of your bet or our "Crack the vault" where you can win the jackpot.

Earn Cash from your referrals

To earn even more, increase your referrals and earn 10% of every click they make and 10% commission on all sales.

Earn Cash from Points

You get the following points for your activity:

0.01 per click on PTC

0.01 per click on CentClicks4You Grid

0.10 per dollar deposited

20.00 per referral

0.24 per Traffic Exchange site surfed

You can convert 2000 Points into $1.

You can view advertisements once every 24 hours.

Ads reset at midnight server time.

You can have unlimited direct referrals